10 Smartphone Photography Tips  |  Robyns.World



Some really basic, but useful, tips for taking pictures with your smartphone.

  1. Turn your phone horizontally instead of vertically to take pictures.
  2. Clean the lens, front and back, on your phone regularly
  3. Learn how to sync photos automatically to the cloud for instant backup
  4. Take lots of pictures, you can delete the ones you do not like
  5. Do not zoom in while taking a photo, instead crop the image to get closer after you take it
  6. Use, or don’t use, filters in apps on your smartphone pics as you like. Some love them, some hate them, but it is totally your call as to what you want to do with your pics. (I love filters)
  7. Turn location tagging for camera off if you do not want people to know specific location
  8. Turn location tagging for camera on if you are using apps that gather photos together by location and maps to make a scrapbook of sorts automatically
  9. Print out the photos you really love! Back in the day we all printed out all of our photos because we had no choice. Now days we do not print enough of them.
  10. Don’t forget to enjoy the moment too – spending all the time taking photos means you miss out on participating!

Are any of these tips new to you? Do you have any others you would like to share?