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OneDrive is my primary cloud service of choice as most of you know. (Disclosure – I am a Windows Champion Ambassador.) I love having all of my photos, files, and documents on OneDrive because I can access them from any device I am using from just about anywhere on the planet. However, just like a file cabinet, you have to keep things organized to use it most effectively. This weekend I spent some time cleaning up and organizing my OneDrive to be more efficient and I thought I would share some tips.

  • Work Directly on the OneDrive Site
    You want to do all of this reorganizing on the website. It is primary storage and after you reorganize there it will update the OneDrive app on your computer, phone, etc. for you.
    Work on the Site
  • Delete Un-needed Files and Photos
    We all end up with some extra files and photos in our cloud storage. Occasionally you need to go in and clean these unused items up. This is especially true if you use automated backup of files and photos to OneDrive. To delete a folder, select it and then go to the top of the screen to Folder Actions and then select Delete Folder. For individual items, select the ones you want to delete, to to Manage at the top of the screen and then Delete.
    OneDrive Folder Action Menu

    • Tip: after selecting one item using the checkbox in the upper right you can then select others just by clicking anywhere on the file icon. This makes things go much faster than trying to click inside that little box for each item.
  • Create Folders and Subfolders That Make Sense
    When you first started your OneDrive account you probably had a few basic folders but the more you use it the more you need to create folders that make sense for what you do. For example if you keep both personal and work items in OneDrive then start with a folder for work and a folder for personal. Once in your main folder then create subfolders. In the work example you might create a folder for clients and then subfolders for each client. If you do a lot with photos consider one main photo folder and then subfolders based on subject matter, source, etc.

    • Tip: To create a new folder select Create at the top left and then Folder.

      OneDrive Create Menu
    • Tip: You can rename any folder by right-clicking on it and selecting rename.
      onedrive right click on folder
  • Move Items To Correct Folders
    Once you have created the needed folders and subfolders you need to move items into them. To move a folder, select it and then at the top of the screen click Folder Actions and then Move Folder to, a box will pop up to select the destination you want. For individual items select all that you like and go to Manage at the top of the screen and then select Move to, and again a box will pop up to select the destination.
    onedrive manage individual item menu

    • Tip: You can also drag and drop if you prefer that method.
  • Rearrange Files
    If you would like to change the order of files and photos go into the main OneDrive or a folder and in the upper right corner look for Sort by: and then use the drop down arrow to sort those items by name, date modified, date created, or size and by ascending or descending order. If you want a different type of order other than the standards select Rearrange and then drag and drop files to the order you would like and be sure to click Save sort order when done. Note that the custom (via rearrange) sort order will appear on OneDrive, mobile app on phone or tablet, but not on OneDrive app for Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1.
    onedrive thumbnail or detail views
  • Change View
    I prefer the thumbnails view which is the 4-tile icon at the top right, but you can also use the details view which is the icon on the top right that looks like a bullet list.
  • Plan Cleanup Time
    Once you are done be sure to plan future cleanup time, maybe once a month or so depending on your usage, so you can keep your files up to date and in order.

Are you a OneDrive, or other cloud service, user? Do you have any tips on keeping your files cleaned up and in order? Any organization tips?