Many years ago it was a fairly accepted, but wrong, practice for bloggers to do a search on Bing or Google for images that they wanted to use on a blog post. If you are still doing this – stop! Here are a few of the free and low-cost options I use regularly.

  • Graphic Leftovers
    This is a great source for high quality stock images. I use this more than any other and always find several options. Most of the images I purchase are just $1-$2 each. Graphic Leftovers is free to join and then you can just deposit the funds you want into your account. They do have a small collection of free stock images and vectors available.

    graphic leftovers

  • morgueFile
    These are all free stock images. The variety is a little less and some images are not as great as others but still a good resource. These images must be modified to use on your blog or contact the image owner and provide a byline.

    morgueFile samples

  • Public Domain Images
    This site has all public domain images that are free for any personal or commercial use. There are no copyrights and no rights reserved to the images. The current gallery contains 18,857 images for you to use.

    public domain images samples

Do you have any other free or low-cost image resources…and legal?