Travel Must-Haves for Bloggers

Traveling has become a part of my job in social media. I go on trips for brands and attended conferences fairly often. Whenever I am getting ready to go on a trip I often see other bloggers wondering what they should bring or not. I thought I would share a few of my must-haves when I travel as a blogger.

  • Laptop or Tablet
    I am traveling with my Surface Pro 3 tablet these days which can completely replace a laptop for me (love it). Not all tablets can replace laptops though. Find a lightweight laptop or tablet though that has enough power to perform the tasks you need and that has a decent battery life since you never know where those plugs will be or not. Remember your power cords.
  • Smartphone
    Honestly I feel that a smartphone is crucial for anyone in social media. If you have not yet upgraded to a smartphone, do it now! Which one you get is up to your needs and wants but there are plenty to select from. Remember your power cord for charging up overnight.
  • Portable Battery Pack
    Having that extra battery pack that can charge up your phone or tablet on the go is a lifesaver when you are traveling. Delays at airports and a lack of plugs at most airports are a royal pain. Having a battery pack makes life easier for you, trust me!
  • Comfy Shoes
    I don’t think I have ever been on a trip for work that I didn’t have to walk a lot. Pack shoes that are comfy. Ladies, I know we love high heels, but make sure you can stand walking on them for hours before packing them. At least have some flats also in case your feet do get tired.
  • Business Casual
    This term of biz casual really means so many different things for so many different people now but for clothes pack things that you would wear if you were meeting with a client. For some this might be nice jeans and a shirt, others it may be dress slacks and a nice blouse. Be prepared for dinners out at nice places as well.
  • Nippy Bottles
    If you are a drinker get those little nippy bottles of booze at home. They are only $1-$2 each usually at your local store but on an airplane they will be $7 or more! You can pack this in your liquids bag for going thru security with no problems.
  • Cash and Credit Card
    Bring some cash, in low denominations, for tipping at the airport, hotel, etc. Also be sure to have a credit card for hotels even if your room is being paid for by someone else. Most hotels require you to give them a credit card that they place a hold on for incidentals. Just have one that you use for travel alone.

What are the items you take when you travel for work?