This Thursday most of us will sit down to an enormous amount of food on the table and throw caution to the wind with what we eat. To help myself, and all of you, I found this infographic which gives us an idea of the size of the portions we should be taking and approximate calories. Even if you do want to indulge more than 500-700 calories at your Thanksgiving meal you can still be more reasonable than the American average of 3,000 calories of a Thanksgiving dinner. Be careful with things like casseroles which tend to have a lot more calories than average side items. Also, those sweet potatoes with the marshmallows on top are yummy, but think of them more as a dessert instead of a vegetable.

Do you try to watch your portions or calories on Thanksgiving or do you just not worry about it on this special day? What is your favorite high calorie and low calorie item on the Thanksgiving menu?


Thanksgiving calories infographic