Hopefully you got a flu shot to help protect against the flu this year already. Unfortunately there is not a cold shot. During the holiday season is the worst time to get sick but yet it seems to be when it happens the most. Many of us will use over the counter medications to treat our symptoms when we do get sick. It is important to understand what is in those OTC medications and take them only as directed. I recently attended a round table with other bloggers and the makers of Tylenol to discuss safety and OTC medications which was fascinating. Disclosure: I was not compensated, but my expenses for the trip were paid for by the company and they did provide the infographic below.

Acetaminophen is one of the most common ingredients in OTC cold and flu medications. Most of us know this as Tylenol. It can be a very safe and effective med but we also need to be careful not to take multiple medicines that contain acetaminophen at the same time. We also need take medications that treat only the symptoms we have. If you do not have a cough then do not take a medication with a cough suppressant in it. The makers of Tylenol have an online medicine checker that lets you input the name of the medication to find out if it has acetaminophen in it so you can check everything you are taking together to make sure you are not getting too much.

This week’s infographic shares some staggering facts about colds and flu in America. What do you find the most interesting fact this week?



Colds and Flu in America Infographic