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I really am not a huge fan of giving cash as a gift, however for teens and young adults I think sometimes it can be the best choice for them. Their “toys” are usually much pricier and with cash gifts they can combine the money to get the more expensive items they really want. So in order to give a cash gift but still have a present to open and not just an envelope I’m sharing some of the ways I have found to do just that.

Give a money pizza for a cash gift


Money Pizza

Who doesn’t love a pizza, especially made with this kind of dough! The site gives details on how she constructed the money pizza so it stays in shape but that the recipient can still take it apart to use.

Give cash gifts in a candy box

Money Chocolates Box

I love this idea of taking a candy box and using it for money from Life As Mom. Keep those little wrappers too! She does a great job on the details of putting this money chocolate box together. You could use a cookie assortment box for this as well.

Make money stars to give cash gifts

Money Stars

From Homemade Gifts Made Easy, learn to make these money stars. Each star uses five bills – you could use $1s, $5s, heck even $100s. Whatever denomination works for your budget.

Put cash inside balloons and inflate them

Money Balloons

This is one of my own posts from last year. I put the cash inside the balloons for my nephews birthday and it was a hit. For the holidays simply use red, green, silver, and or gold balloons and ribbons to make it more with the season.

money umbrella

Money Umbrella

Make it rain! Clever idea to use an umbrella and attach the bills underneath so that when you open it you see it all hanging down. Great idea from The Seasonal Home.

money box

Money Pull Gift Box

This simple idea makes the cash gift a little more special without much effort. Tape the bills together and to the box so it all unfolds. Use a pretty box and bow for this for sure. Lovin’ Our Chaos has great instructions on making this cash gift.

Put cash gift inside bar of glycerin soap

Money Soap

Ha! I love this idea – make them work for their cash a little bit. Great for those smelly teenage boys especially. Every Nothing Wonderful gives you step-by-step instructions on making this cash gift using store bought soap.

Use a tissue box to make pop-up money dispenser for gift

 Pop-Up Cash

While this post from Our Shabby Nest was original about doing this as a birthday gift, you can easily modify it to use as a holiday gift. Get a holiday tissue box to use instead! It is similar to the other box idea but I like the tissue box idea for this one.

Do you have someone on your list you give cash gifts to? Do you think they would get a kick out of any of these unique wrapping ideas?