Tips for Sharing Holiday Photos with Family and Friends

During the holiday season we will take more photos than usual at parties and family gatherings. The majority of these are probably going to be taken with smartphone cameras. Then the question becomes how to effectively share these digital photos with the rest of your family and friends.

There are numerous ways to share your images. Finding a way to share and view all the photos by everyone in your group though sometimes gets a little crazy. One person does this, one does that, and then there are the folks who are not online either. Here are some services and tips on sharing your holiday photos this season.

Tips To Make Photo Sharing Easier

  • Create a Hashtag
    When you create a hashtag (#) for your event it makes it easy for everyone to tag the photos so that you can search for them and it also is an automatic reminder down the road to when the picture was taken. An example might be #WrightXmas14.
  • Print Info Slips
    If you are hosting a party or family gathering prepare ahead and print out slips of paper to hand out to everyone that gives info about where to share the photos. You could include a URL, private group name, a hashtag, etc. This way everyone has the info at hand to share photos.
  • Ask About Sharing Publicly and Tagging
    Some people are more open and some are more private. Make sure you ask your friends and family if they mind if you share photos of them online if it will be public (like your Facebook wall) and if they want to be tagged. Being tagged means you click on their picture and add their name to it.
  • Send an Email Ahead of Time
    Before your event you can send an email and share what you suggest for sharing the photos from the event afterward. This way if you are going to use a certain service or app they have time to download it and create an account before they even get to the party.

Sharing Photos Online

  • Facebook
    Most people are familiar with Facebook now so it is a common way to share photos. If you are posting photos directly on your wall you can tag the post with the other people’s names so that they will see notification of it. If you want a little more privacy you can create a private (or secret) group on Facebook and invite only those friends and family you want. Everyone in the group can upload their photos to that group.
  • Flickr
    This is an extremely common photo storage site used by professional photographers and everyday photographers. You can also create groups here and have everyone upload to that same group to easily view everyone’s photos.
  • Instagram
    One of my favorite ways to share photos. You will need to create a free account and you can set it up as open or private. You must use an app on your phone or tablet to create the account and to upload photos and videos. It is not web-based with the exception of viewing photos. There are lots of filters and features built into the services also and plenty of apps by others to enhance your Instagram photos even more. It is available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8.
  • OneDrive
    This is Microsoft’s cloud service and offers quite a bit of free storage (you can buy more if you need). I use this for photos as well as documents. You can create folders that are public or private to suit your needs. This works on computers, tablets, smartphones – both PC and Mac. You might find this post about how to automatically backup your smartphone photos to OneDrive helpful.
  • Google+ Picasa Web Albums
    This is Google’s photo storage service and it is free to use. It has a nice built-in editor and you can easily set automatic backup from your Android phones to this service.
  • Seahorse
    This service is much more private than the others from the start. When you create different groups within your account you invite only those you wish (to each individual group) and everyone can upload and download the files easily. It is not seen by outsiders. I did a review of the Seahorse Photo Sharing App recently.

For Those Offline People

  • Visit Them In Person
    Make a point to have someone who has a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. to visit those family and friends who are not online after the holiday season so they can view the photos digitally.
  • Make Prints
    If the offline people like prints, you can pick out some of the best photos from the events and have them printed by an online service or local store and drop them off or have them shipped to the offline family members. Printing services you might try are Snapfish, Walgreens (they can do in-store, via their app, or online), Shutterfly, and mpix.