Hallmark Pics 'N' Props Rudolph & Friends Kit #LoveHallmark

Photo booth shootWe all love taking photos of everyone at our holiday gatherings but sometimes those posed pics get a little boring. Hallmark sent me the Rudolph & Friends Pics ‘N’ Props kit and it is fun and easy to use! Thank you Hallmark! My little family did a quick photo booth shoot the other night and I will be taking this to all the other holiday gatherings I go to as well.

Inside the kit were 15 different props including Rudolph, Clarice, Sam the Snowman, Santa, Hermey, Bumble and others. There are sticks included as well and you just tape the sticks to the back of the props.

As a backdrop we just used one of the windows in our living room. You do not have to have a special backdrop at all though. Other ideas are a blank wall or get those inexpensive plastic table cloths at the dollar store and hang one up to use as a backdrop.

Our lighting was a bit off (yikes) so next time I will make sure to have more lighting when we do a “photo booth”.

Just lay out all the props so everyone can see them and pick out which ones they want to use. Take single person shots, group photos, heck we even tried to get my cat, Ozzie, to participate. Try to get the people participating to not just stand there but to make fun poses and such.

Bonus – let the kids (and adults if they like) use the props to put on a little skit of the Rudolph story!


T and Caitlan as Rudolph and Clarice

Hubby as Yukon Cornelius

T as Bumble, Caitlan as Santa, Robyn as Rudolph - Let the Reindeer Games Begin #LoveHallmark

Robyn and Hubby as elves

Bumble is attacking Sam the Snowman

We tried to get my cat Ozzie in on the photo booth fun

Hallmark has Pics ‘N’ Props kits for all year round. Baby milestones, weddings, birthdays, and parties. I will be picking up more of these myself for my family to use. So much fun and such a nice way to get different photos of the family when we all get together.

Would you and your family have fun with the Rudolph and Friends photo props?