Getting Back on Track -

Life is quite a wild ride.

Sometimes faster that we would like it to go, sometimes moving too slowly.

At times it can be smooth and easy but then those big dips and twists and turns come along.

We can squeal with delight, we can shriek in fear.

It’s all about perspective.

Most of the time I am happy to be on the ride. I like change more than most people so those twists and turns are usually okay. Sometimes though they get to be a little much. Right now I could use a smooth ride for a while. I think the holidays do this to me a bit. I love the holidays, but I stress out about them. I know I shouldn’t, but I do.

All of this leads to stress and triggers all those things that make me eat. ACK! I’m off track on my weight loss but it is not un-fixable. I’m working on getting my wheels back in working order – my wheels being myself, my soul, and all of my tools that I have to help me not use food as a soothing method. Fixing it is hard work, keeping it maintained is hard work.

So today I felt the need to write this all down and put it out in the universe. It’s part of getting back on the wild ride of life. For me, putting things out here on my blog helps me be accountable for my own stuff. It is no one else’s job to make me feel better, no one else’s job to maintain my center.

No one else’s job,

No one else’s fault.

I am my responsibility.

I am in charge of my reactions to life. I cannot control what other people do in life. It does not mean I can control my reactions, but I am still responsible for them. I have to accept all the moods this wild ride of life gives me and be okay with them.

I am responsible for my stuff, for my life, for my happiness.