UPDATE: I’ve created a new Elf Name Chart for 2017! Check it out.

What's Your Elf Name? 2014 Edition from Robyns.World

I posted a list a few years ago that was floating around the internet to find out what your elf name is but I was not crazy about all the names. Tonight Hubby and I sat down and created a new chart with names we liked to determine your elf name.

Just look at the top of the list and select the first letter of your first name to find your corresponding elf first name. Then find the month you were born on the bottom part to determine your elf last name.

I am Holly Sleighbells and Hubby is Sparky Snowflake!

Don’t worry, there are no elf name police who will come and arrest you if you decide to go with a different elf name. Elves are happy – your elf name should make you happy!

What is your elf name?