#Cube is perfect gift for Instram fans and so many others!

The makers of #Cube (they say it “hashtag cube”) contacted me to ask me to review their product (disclosure – that means they sent me one for free) and I was really excited to try it out. Once I received it, I was even more excited! This is the perfect gift for any Instagram lovers on your holiday list, including yourself!

#Cube is a connected device that streams Instagram photos and videos. Watch this quick Instagram video review I did

Quick review of @hashtagcube great gift idea for Instagram fans, great at events. Love it! Thanks for product sample.

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The default stream is the people you follow on Instagram. I loved having this on my desk next to me and I could easily glance and see all the new photos and videos my friends were sharing on Instagram. To like a photo just tap the heart button on the top of #cube.

But wait…there’s more!

You can also change the stream on #cube to be your own photos, another specific user, or even a hashtag. Remember the other day I did a post about how to share your photos with each other and it included using a hashtag? The #cube would be perfect at those events to have a live stream of what everyone is sharing on Instagram. You can also use it at future events to see past event photos.

Think about using #cube to see photos of kids, grandkids, parents, aunts, uncles, and best friends easily in their daily life. If someone is traveling you can see those photos stream live. You can view photos individually or in a grid view (like below). To see the details about a photo just swipe from right to left and the image flips over!


Then there are weddings!

I would love to give this as a wedding shower gift. You can set it up at the shower and ask people to use a hashtag related to the couple (like #BradRobyn15 for example). During the shower you will see those photos coming thru on #cube and then continue that same hashtag for all the fun events and planning like registering, other showers, rehearsal dinners, and the wedding itself. The happy couple could see all the pics they take and the ones that their friends and family take. Wait – this would be a great gift for the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom too I think!

Brands and businesses too!

Have a restaurant? Stream what the foodies who dine with you are sharing. Small store owners can stream what customers are sharing about their products and services or stream their own feed with photos of special offers, new items, ideas for items you sell, etc.


Now thru December 31, 2014 use the code: CUBE62 to get $15 off your #cube purchase!

Purchase by December 19 for guaranteed free U.S. delivery by Christmas!

Buy your #Cube now

I really do love, love, love #cube and hope you all will too! Thanks again to #cube for sending me one to try out.

How would you use #cube?