While some travel often, there are many who travel just during the holidays. Today’s world has both our work and personal life using technology more and more. Because of this, more people need to travel with devices and it can lead to stress. Laptops can be big and heavy, battery life may not be long enough for flights, you have to remember all the different chargers and cords for your different devices. Even if we want to unplug for the majority of the time we are off work for the holidays it is most likely that we are less stressed if we are able to check in on email (to keep it in check) and other things while we are traveling.

For me, the Surface Pro 3 tablet takes care of all of my needs for personal and business use when I travel. It has a large enough screen to see, fits nicely on tray tables on planes and trains, outstanding battery life, and runs all of my needed Office programs. Because it is a tablet you also do not have to take it out of your bag when going thru security at the airport.

This week’s infographic is about travel habits and tech for the holiday season. My friends at Microsoft Surface (I’m a Microsoft Blogger and receive certain perks as such, opinions are my own) sent this infographic to me and I thought it was perfect for this week with many of you thinking about tech and travel.

Holiday Travel Habits and Tech

Are you traveling during the holiday season? What are your must-have tech devices to take with you on your travels?