Meet Annie, Our New Olde English Bulldog from

You all know I adore my three cats, Peaches, Lottie, and Ozzie, but now we have added a new furry family member. Meet Annie! We adopted her right before Christmas. It was a totally unexpected adoption. I went to PetSmart to get some gifts for my cats and for other pets in our family and Needy Paws happened to be having an adoption event in the store. I passed by them but right on the end there was Annie just looking up at me and I totally melted. I know you other pet people will understand that pets pick us, we do not pick our pets. I visited with her for a while and even sent a picture via text to Hubby, who also fell in love. Then I went home but less than two hours later I was back at the store ready to start the adoption process. Later that night Annie (the person) from Needy Paws came and did a home visit and approved us and left Annie here with us.

Annie has been in custody of pounds and shelters since August. She has been through a lot, including heartworms! Her primary breed is an Olde English Bulldog and maybe a little Boxer mixed in. She is about four to five years old according to the vets and probably had puppies at one time although she has been fixed now. We are working on training and retraining her on being housebroken, walking on a leash, and being playful. She is so amazingly sweet though and we just love her. The cats are slowly warming up to her as well. They are not quite friends yet, but I really think they are on their way. Annie loves watching TV – seriously – she just stares at it and it is hilarious. She is iffy about other dogs but we are slowly introducing her to her dog relatives in my family. Balls are her favorite toys and she is adorable playing with them. I’ll work on getting some video of that to share with you all.

I am so happy that Annie found us and that we were able to give her a new forever home for the holidays. She really deserves it. I strongly suggest adopting rescued dogs, cats, and any other animal rather than buying from a breeder. There are so many pets out there that have lost their families or never had one that need a good home. Adult animals are great to adopt also, they may require a little more work or a little less work than babies, you just never know, but they are worth it no matter what.

We are looking forward to Annie getting more comfortable with us throughout 2015 and making her feel a part of our family.

Did you get any new pets this holiday season? Do you already have pets? Any tips for us on training Annie?