Skinny Cosmopolitan

So many of us are starting the new year off trying to be healthier and maybe lose a few pounds. This includes me! Cocktails can be full of calories but there are ways to cut back on them if you still want to have a drink now and then.

Tips For Healthier Cocktails

  • Cut back on juices
    Most juices are very high in sugar and calories. Try cutting back on the amount you put in the drink. You can also dilute it with a little water first. Look for low-calorie juices or no-sugar added juices.
  • Add ice
    Ice fills up your glass, keep your drink cold, and helps keep you hydrated. I recommend crushed ice when available.
  • Half sugars and syrups
    If the cocktail you really want has sugar or simple syrups try cutting it back by 1/2 to 3/4. You generally do not need the amount of sugar a recipe calls for.
  • Skip salt and sugar rimming
    If you are drinking something that generally rims the glass with salt or sugar, skip that entirely. You can still run a wedge of lemon or lime around the rim of the glass for extra flavor though.
  • Go spicy instead of sweet
    There are tons of recipes out there that use herbs and spices, citrus, or even bitters that make your drink a little spicy instead of going with a sweet drink.
  • Skip premade mixers
    While mixers make things simple, they are often loaded with lots of sugars. You are better off using fresh ingredients where you can control all of the ingredients.

For this week’s cocktail why not try a Skinny Cosmopolitan. This is an extremely popular drink but you can lighten it up. This version is just 218 calories.

Skinny Cosmopolitan

Serves 1
Website Robyns.World


  • ice
  • 2oz citrus vodka
  • 1 splash club soda
  • 1 splash cranberry juice, low calorie/low sugar variety
  • 1 wedge fresh lime


Add ice to cocktail shaker and then liquid ingredients. Shake well. Strain into a chilled martini glass with more ice. Garnish with lime wedge.