Yes, You Can Do Yoga! #MyYoga

I know many of us think more about being healthier this time of year. Today I want to share with you my experience with yoga. I am actually working with Gaiam TV (disclosure: I am being compensated) on a campaign right and have been using their online #MyYoga videos to do yoga at home and even in my hotel room when I travel. I promise you if I can do yoga then you can do yoga too!

Things you should know:

  • I am not a skinny-minny at all. Plus size people can do yoga! If you have limited mobility because of your weight read Go Softly: The Benefits of Gentle Yoga.
  • When I first try new poses in yoga I feel very clumsy. The more I do those poses the easier they get to do. Just like with anything new it can be a little intimidating – don’t let that stop you. You are doing this is the privacy of your own home and the yoga police are not going to bang on your door.
  • Yoga poses can be modified to fit your level. I love this. Using yoga bricks really can help a lot if your not quite as limber to do it fully.
  • Even when I try a new yoga video and I feel a little awkward with the poses it still makes me feel better when I’m done.
  • Yoga makes me feel loose and relaxed. Especially when you get into a pose and you focus on your breathing. When I am done doing yoga I feel all loose and comfortable. Kind of how you feel after a good massage or a long bubble bath.
  • Yoga helps you clear your mind. It is great to help you with your meditation if you do that too. I do recommend everyone try their own version of meditation – just relaxing, clearing your mind, and grounding yourself.
  • Yes, I now have yoga pants, but no, I do not wear them out of the house. I wear them just for yoga.

Why did I tell you those things? Because they are real. These are all things that I am experiencing as I re-commit to myself for 2015. You all know I am a real person and I share with you my real feelings about things.

Find Your Mantra
At the beginning of the year many make resolutions and another thing we see is “my word for the year”. Well I would suggest you find your 2015 mantra. A mantra is an expression or idea that you repeat to yourself. My 2015 mantra is I AM HERE. Gaiam has a free quiz you can take to find your own 2015 mantra, a simple 10 questions.

My Yoga Special Offer

Right now MyYoga on Gaiam TV has a special offer. You can get a full month of yoga for just 99¢ which is a great way for you to try out all the different videos they offer.

Once you sign up you can easily sort the videos too. You can pick your level, the style of yoga, duration, focus, and if you find a favorite teacher you can find all by him or her even. Seriously, I started with Beginning Yoga with videos less than 15 minutes – that is what worked for me. My two favorite #MyYoga videos are AM Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss and PM Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss. For those of you wanting to lose weight take a minute to read 8 Ways Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight.

If you have never tried yoga before, what is stopping you? If you have tried yoga before what do you like most about it?