Have you been to the doctor lately? 9 tips to help you or a loved one | Robyns.World
One of the things I used to do is not go to the doctor. I knew I was very unhealthy and frankly it embarrassed me to go to the doctor because of that. There are some of you reading this and shaking your head knowing exactly what I mean. {{{{HUGS}}} I really do understand that feeling.

It really is so important to go to the doctor though and get a checkup. You can do it though! You will feel so much better once you go to the doctor and talk to her (or him) about what is happening with you, letting them know about any problems, and getting some guidance on getting yourself healthier.

  • Make an appointment
    That is really the first step. Call your doctor and make the appointment. Most insurance plans now will cover routine checkups at no co-pay cost even. If you do have a co-pay and money is an issue then save up for it. Your health is more important than going out to eat, buying a new game, or getting a new shirt.
  • Enlist the help of a friend
    Before I would make appointments and then on the day before I would call the office and make an excuse on why I could not make the appointment. If this sounds like you enlist the help of a good friend that you can confide in and let them know you need their help in getting you to the doctor’s appointment. Your friends and family love you! I promise they will help if you ask.
  • Make a list
    Either on a piece of paper, on your phone, or wherever start making a list. On this list put any issues you want to talk to the doctor about. Do you have an odd lump somewhere? Any recurring pains? Maybe an odd sensation at times? By writing all of these things down you can actually hand the list to the doctor if you are having problems talking to the doctor because you are embarrassed. I have been in this position too, I really do understand. Keep this list going and add to it as you think of things.
  • Plan on disrobing
    Wear clothing that is easy to get in and out of in case you need to disrobe. If you are very overweight and worried about those paper gowns take your own robe to wear or ask the nurse if they have larger sizes or if you can have a paper blanket to help cover yourself up. You can write a note about these things and hand it to the nurse if you are uncomfortable too. You could also call ahead of time and ask if they have special garments for larger people too.
  • Plan for blood tests
    Doctors check so many things with blood tests these days. It can give them a good guideline of your overall health. Drink plenty of water before your visit to be hydrated which makes it easier for the phlebotomist to draw blood. If you are very afraid of needles have someone there to hold your hand and talk to you while they are drawing the blood. Many blood tests require fasting so if you want to plan ahead make your doctor’s appointment first thing in the morning and fast for 10-12 hours before your appointment so you can get the blood work done right away too.
  • Make notes during the visit
    If it has been a while since you have been and you have a lot to talk about take something to take notes with. You can write things down or you can ask the doctor to write things down. Do not be afraid to ask them to spell complicated words. Ask if they have pamphlets or more information about any issues that come up.
  • Be prepared for good and bad news
    What we fear before we go to the doctor is usually much worse than the actual news we get. Still, you do need to be prepared for both good and bad news. BUT no matter how bad the news you are doing something about it and your doctor will help you get through all of it. I can’t tell you how many times I thought I was dying but when I finally went to the doctor the news was not nearly so grim.
  • Celebrate your visit
    Plan a reward for yourself (not food though) for going to the doctor. If this was a hard task for you to complete you deserve a reward and be proud that you got through it all. End on a high note!
  • Follow up
    Now that you went to the doctor you have to follow up with any tests and return visits they ask. You will find you are so proud of yourself for doing all of the follow up and your doctor will be proud too. They have lots of people who do not follow their advice and so when someone says that they are now going to take ownership of their health the doctors are very happy.

Really…you can do this!

One last thing to add is that if you have a current doctor who does not seem to be very understanding with you then find another doctor! It is so important to have a doctor you are comfortable with and can trust and feel more at ease with. I adore my primary care physician because she never makes me feel rushed, she always answers all my questions, she lets me cry and understands, and she is just genuinely a caring person. Ask friends and family for recommendations of doctors they love if you need to find a new one.

If you read this post and it does not apply to you but it does apply to someone you love and care about please share it with them. Offer to be that person that helps them get through this, that makes sure they go to the appointment, and to make sure they follow through. I know it is difficult being on this end as well, but if you love the person help them be healthy!

Have you felt this way about going to the doctor before? Have you been to the doctor lately? Do you have any other tips to encourage others?