The Super Bowl is not just about football, it also is about food and a lot of it. This week’s infographic shows some of the major foods that are consumed during the game and how much of each.

The chicken wing statistics really surprised me. I knew they were popular but the amount consumed just on one weekend is astounding! I’m one of those few people who is really not a big chicken wing fan so someone is eating my portion.

super bowl appetites | Robyns.World

In case you are attending or hosting a Super Bowl Party this year you might enjoy a few of these recipes for something a little different.

Buffalo Wing Phyllo Bites

Buffalo Wing Phyllo Bites | Robyns.World

Basil Parmesan Dip with Pita Chips

basil parmesan dip and pita chips recipe | Robyns.World

Healthier Super Bowl Nachos

Healthier Nachos for game day!

Fire Roasted Texas Caviar

Fire Roasted Texas Caviar Recipe | Robyns.World

Big Game Day Cocktail Recipes: Go Beyond Beer

Big Game Cocktail Recipes | Robyns.World

Which fact on this week’s infographic did you find most interesting? What is your favorite Super Bowl food?