Surface Pro 3 Tablet - Top 10 Reasons I Love It! | Robyns.World

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my Surface Pro 3 tablet? Well, I really do! Today I’m sharing the top 10 reasons why I love it so much. Just as a reminder I am a #MicrosoftBlogger (formerly #WindowsChampions) and I receive perks for being a part of that but my opinions about Microsoft devices and services are entirely my own.

  1. The Surface Pro 3 Really Can Replace a Laptop
    You may have seen this in their ads, but it really is true. The last several trips I took only my Surface Pro 3 and no laptop and I was able to do everything I needed. This is the first tablet I have truly been able to say that about.
  2. The Surface Pro 3 Pen (stylus)
    I really need to find more ways to use the stylus more often. It truly feels like you are writing with a pen, not a jumpy stylus like we have had on other devices. If you have a chance to use a Surface Pro 3 from a friend or at a store be sure to try out the Pen also.
  3. Kickstand
    This is one of those little extras on the Surface Pro 3 that makes a huge difference. Unlike other tablets, the Surface Pro 3 has a built in kickstand that lets you have it stand up, and in multiple positions even, without buying anything extra at all. Not only does it help it stand up but it also makes it easier to hold in your hand I think.
  4. Operating System
    I am a huge fan of the Windows operating system and I love that the Surface Pro 3 is built on that. This makes it even easier for me to work between my desktop and my Windows Phone.
  5. Color Choice for Keyboards
    I love that there are multiple keyboard colors to go along with the Surface Pro 3. Mine (I won it) came with a black keyboard but with my Christmas money I bought myself a red keyboard which I love!
    Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet Features
  6. Full Operating System
    While I loved my previous Surface RT tablets, they RT operating system wasn’t the full Windows which made it have some limitations. With the Surface Pro 3 it has full Windows 8.1 on it which means I can do anything, including installing other programs, that I can do on my desktop.
  7. Touchscreen
    I love having the touchscreen capability on my Surface Pro 3 along with the ability to still use a keyboard, mouse, or stylus. Different applications work better, for me, with one input or another and touchscreen is a big one that I use.
  8. Lots of Ports
    The best one is a full-size USB 3.0 port which means I can connected a mouse, printer, 4G USB dongle, or lots of other devices and accessories. It also features a microSD card slot, mini DisplayPort, charging port and the cover port (keyboard).
  9. Cameras
    The Surface Pro 3 has both a front and rear-facing camera. I do not take a ton of pictures with my tablets but I love using it for video chats, Skype calls, and even recording videos. There is also a privacy light so you know when the camera is actually on for extra security.
  10. Lots of App Choices
    I have been able to find some amazing apps to use on my Surface Pro 3. People knock the Microsoft app store too much I think. There are so many options and so many unique apps and they work on my desktop and/or Windows Phone as well.

The one thing I wish the Surface Pro 3 had that it does not is the ability to add a SIM card so that I could add one from Verizon. I can easily tether it to my Verizon smartphones or personal Wi-Fi but I just find it easier to have a SIM card in my tablets. Regardless of this drawback, I still think the Surface Pro 3 is an amazing device and I recommend it highly!

Do you have a Surface Pro 3? What is your favorite feature? If you do not have one yet, what feature do you think you would love the most?