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So beer is the mainstay of Super Bowl parties for many but not everyone is a beer drinker. However, you can use beer in cocktails too. This week I’ve got a collection of beer cocktail recipes that are sure to please this Sunday for the big game!

Please remember that if you are going somewhere to watch the game to please be responsible. Do not drink and drive – either drunk or buzzed – it just is not worth the risk to yourself and others on the road. Pick a designated driver at your event or before you go, put the number to a local cab company in your smartphone.

Hound Dog Hooch

This tasty hooch combines wheat beer, lemonade and some other goodies. Be warned, it goes down very smoothly!

Hound Dog Hooch Cocktail Recipe | Robyns.World

French Monaco

One of Hubby’s new favorite beer is Stella Artois. This cocktail combines that along with lemonade and pomegranate syrup for a refreshing treat!

French Monaco Cocktail Recipe | Robyns.World

Spicy Beer Cocktail

Okay, I am loving this one. A bottle of beer, some fresh lime juice and some powdered pico de gallo for that spice kick!

Spicy Beer Cocktail | Robyns.World


Raspberry Beer Cocktail

The guys might want to say this is too girly for them, but I bet they would like it as much as the ladies!

Raspberry Beer Cocktail Recipe | Robyns.World

Gridiron Punch

Yes, you can use beer to make punch even. Try this one that has pineapple juice and yellow Chartreuse!

Grid Iron Punch | Robyns.World

And just for an extra bonus today I have a snack that is perfect for the big game…

Cabot Football Cheddar Crackers

Once you make homemade crackers you will be amazed at how differently they taste from store bought. These tasty bites are made with Cabot Sharp Cheddar and cut into football shapes which are perfect to celebrate the Super Bowl. As a bonus, these will go great with all of the beer cocktails above!

Cabot Football Cheddar Crackers Recipes  |  Robyns.World


What will you be drink on Super Bowl Sunday? What kind of tasty snacks will be going along with it?