I think staying in for a special dinner is much more romantic than going out to a crowded restaurant. Even better still is creating a meal that is something more unusual. Fondue is a great idea for a quiet evening at home.

**NOTE: This post original contained a collection of fondue recipes that I put together for the now defunct foodie.com site. Since the site is no longer working the collection I created their originally is also gone. There are still some good tips for fondue below though. Stay tuned for a new post with a fondue recipe roundup.

Fondue for Two: Romantic Fondue Recipes to Melt Your Heart | Robyns.World

Fondue for Two Tips

  • Fondue Pots
    If you already have one, great! If not, they are fairly easy to find at major stores again these days. Also check thrift stores, I see them there all the time. Don’t forget the heat source, usually Sterno or candle, and fondue forks for dipping your food into the fondue.
  • Specialty Cheeses
    Some of the recipes call for specialty cheeses that you may not always find at regular grocery stores. Check your area for cheese shops. Whole Foods also has a great selection of cheeses. At any store that has these special cheeses they should have a cheese monger that can help you select the best varieties.
  • Dippers for Savory Fondue
    There really is no rule, you can dip anything you like. Ideas for savory fondues include breads, vegetables, meats, seafood, chips, etc. I like to keep these items a little larger in size. You can make them large enough to dip without fondue forks even.
  • Dippers for Sweet Fondue
    Again, no rules. Ideas include fruits, pound cake, marshmallows, cookies, large nuts, waffle bites, etc. For sweet items I like smaller bite size pieces and cubes.

Do you fondue? What is your favorite recipe in the collection? Does this sound like a romantic meal idea for you and your sweetheart?