Dog Park

Today we took Annie to the dog park for the first time. Well, maybe she went to one before with her previous family but it is doubtful. This was a first for Hubby and I as well. We went to the DuSable Dog Park in St. Charles, Missouri (suburb of St. Louis) and it was a really great visit!

It took a little bit of hunting to find the dog area of this park. There are three entrances it seems and of course we needed to be in the last one. Not a problem though but I do think it would be helpful for the park to put up signs that say “dog park” with an arrow to point towards the other entrances.

Because Needy Paws Rescue had told us Annie was a bit hesitant with other dogs we were actually nervous about taking her to the dog park. When we first arrived we kept her on her leash and walked along the fence outside of the area. The other dogs came up on their side of the fence to greet her and she seemed okay with that. Then we took her into the fenced area, but still kept her on her leash. The other people there were very friendly and encouraging once we told them this was our first visit. Hubby walked Annie around on her leash for about 10 minutes or so. The other dog owners said she really seemed to be doing well so we took the chance and let her off her leash. She LOVED it! Annie roamed around and met the other dogs and just enjoyed exploring. I felt like it was the first day she was going to school and actually got a tear in my eye when I saw her playing well with the other “kids”.

While I don’t have any other dog parks to compare DuSable Dog Park with, I would still recommend it. The other dog people were very nice and helpful. It seemed like a very large fenced area to me. There are public bathrooms available right between the large and small dog areas. You can also get water there from an outside pump for the dogs. I loved that the park offers plenty of space to also walk your dog on the leash if you like. I think we will definitely be returning as Annie had such a wonderful time! We will also be trying out other dog parks in the St. Louis area and reporting on them to you!

Do you have a favorite dog park in the St. Louis area? If you aren’t in St. Louis do you have a dog park in your area?



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