Today, February 28, is National Tooth Fairy Day! I found an infographic from Delta Dental for this week to show you what kind of budget the Tooth Fairy is on these days. I remember when my big brother lost his first tooth he got a table hockey game and I got a little china tea set! After that it was just cash though. When my son was little it was usually a couple of dollars that the Tooth Fairy would leave, it depended on what I, er the Tooth Fairy, had in my wallet.

My dreams were shattered when I found a note I had written to the Tooth Fairy far back in a kitchen cabinet one day. I had written the note because my tooth fell out but I had lost it. Mom said write a note. I did and left it under my pillow and she came and left me some money and took the note. It was a few years later that I stumbled across the letter and I was was disillusioned. Oh well, at least I had several good years of Tooth Fairy bliss!

If you have kids in the Tooth Fairy years make sure to check out the Tooth Fairy Resources. There are three different letters from the Tooth Fairy you can print out, a certificate, and even some activities and quizzes for the kids.

I would love for you to share a Tooth Fairy story of your own in the comments below today!



tooth fairy budget



Tooth Fairy Gift National Average Chart

Graphic source: Delta Dental