I was supposed to speak at the #BAMC15 conference this past weekend but the weather on the route did not cooperate. Normally I fly everywhere but I was going to drive this time and look what happens. Hmph.

Since I could not make it there in person I did a quick video. I would have been speaking about making money blogging and in social media and working with brands so that is what the video is about. Yes, I give real dollar amounts in the video even.

To be honest, I could talk for hours on this topic. It is what I do and I find it fascinating. However, I needed to keep the video under 10 minutes so I had to cut out a lot (note: video editing is not my strong suit). For the rest of you interested in the topic here is the video. Even if you are not a blogger or in social media but are curious about how I do this all as a living you might find the video interesting too.


I’m happy to answer any questions you have on what I have covered and anything I may have left out. Just ask away in the comments below!