infographics logoToday is “Learn About Butterflies Day” so I had to find a fun infographic for this week that was about butterflies. I love this animated one with 42 butterflies of North America that is animated! Amazing work by Tabletop Whale on this creation!

I actually came across another wonderful infographic about butterflies that I encourage you to go take a look at. Terri Wilhelm created it herself and has them for sale as prints even. It is full of fun facts about butterflies and moths.

Butterfly InfographicWhen I was homeschooling my son many years ago we got a butterfly kit. It came in the mail and we set it up and sent off for the caterpillars. They arrived and we watched them grow and eventually transform into butterflies that we set free. It really was a fun process to watch and T checked on them multiple times a day throughout the entire process. Around the country there are also many “butterfly houses” you can visit. Here in St. Louis we have the Sophia Sachs Butterfly House which is amazing. It was a regular place for us to visit for field trips and I highly recommend visiting if you are in the St. Louis area. One final source to learn about butterflies is Enchanted Learning. There are tons of activities and information targeted towards kids, we used this site for homeschooling often, but they are just as interesting for adults many times I think.

Do you recognize any of the butterflies on the chart below? Have you ever visited a butterfly house or garden?



Animated Chart of North American Butterflies