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When our kids get to driving age we worry about lots of things…

will our child be a safe driver?

will our child make good decisions about driving?

will our child’s friends be safe drivers?

As parents, we help them practice learning to drive. We may even have them take a Driver’s Ed course. When they ride with us we try to model good driving behavior. We talk to them about the dangers of drinking and drugging and driving and the dangers of using their phones while driving.

All of these worries are normal. All of these things we do to help them be good drivers are fabulous too.

BUT…are you explaining to your teen driver about the importance of their tires?

The condition of the vehicle they drive and those they ride in is crucial to their safety. A first car, is for most of us, a used car. It may be a hand-me-down or it may be something cheap parents buy or maybe even our teen has saved up their own money to buy their first car. Even though we may not be able to afford to buy them a brand new car we do need to make sure the car will be safe and the tires are the place to start.

teen vehicle maintenance

For my son, Hubby and I bought his first car, actually a little truck. If I remember correctly we only paid $350 for it. However, Hubby is a master auto tech and so he was comfortable after looking at this truck to buy it and put some work into it before we gave it to him. We are lucky in that respect but I know that most families do not have a technician in the family. Hubby has taught me, and then our son, over the years how important vehicle maintenance is to being a safe driver and tires are a huge part of that. For most families that information is not always known by the parents so it does not get passed to the teens. Even if they take a driving course they most likely will not learn this. This is one of the reasons that I share automotive safety information on my blog too.

The Michelin and FIA Teen Road Safety Grant Program recently awarded the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association a $100,000 grant to help improve the safety of teen drivers by teaching proper tire maintenance.

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Get the Michelin Road Readiness Glove Box Guide Free

Michelin has created this great little handy guide to keep in the glove box that shows what kind of items to check regularly on your car and how to actually perform these tests! Download this for free and give it to your teen driver to keep in their glove box. While you are at it, download a copy for all of the cars in your family and use them!

Did you learn about tire maintenance when you learned to drive? Did you teach your own teens about tire maintenance as part of their driver education?