infographics logoIf you have been reading my blog lately you know that I have been under a lot of stress lately with my son. It is what it is and I am managing to get through it. However, I do always notice when I am experiencing a lot of stress that I start feeling it physically. I tend to catch colds easier, have more headaches, and even my blood pressure will go up. Sometimes there is just an achiness all over too. When I take charge of my stress and do things to combat it I always start to feel better. For me laughter is the best medicine and luckily I’m pretty easily amused. I always feel better after laughing for just a few seconds or for a long time. Breathing is another practice that helps, just focus on your breathing to help in high stress periods, it really will help. Finally, exercising helps. It does not matter if it is yoga, aerobics, walking, swimming, weight training, or whatever – all of the movement really is beneficial.

Since it is Stress Awareness Month this week’s infographic is all about stress. How it impacts you and what things you can try to help you deal with it.

What helps you when you are stressed?



April is Stress Awareness Month: Infographic