I don’t know about you but most of my pants do not have pockets for some reason. To be honest, pockets are not a priority when I’m buying pants, but I do miss them when I don’t have them. For those that know me in person, you know that I always have at least phone in my hand. Sometimes I just want someplace else to put the phone though than away in the dark caverns that I call my purse!

Smartphone Pockets

The folks at SmartPhonePockets.com have come up with a fabulous idea! They sent me (disclosure – that means she sent free samples) a few of the SmartPhone Pockets to try out myself. This is one of those products that you get and say, “why didn’t I think of this!”

It is a simple, but sturdy, pocket that you can iron into any piece of clothing you like! Genius, right? Think about your clothes that you are really active in, do they have pockets? If not, SmartPhone Pockets are the solution.

Included are step-by-step instructions on how to add the pocket. They even include 2 clips so you can try out the pocket in different places before you adhere it permanently. I love little touches like this when I buy products.

I tried out SmartPhone Pockets with my Nokia Lumia Icon, HTC One M9, and even my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with the flip case on – they all fit! The Note 4 is snug, but it still fits. If you still have a smaller phone she even has a small “height adjuster” inside the pocket that will keep your phone from dropping down to low. If you don’t need that “height adjuster” she includes a little Velcro patch to easily cover it up too. Again, it’s those little touches that make me love products like this so much more!

I have added SmartPhone Pockets to two of my jackets that didn’t have pockets that worked for my phones already. Think beyond clothes too – do you have a backpack, purse, bag, etc. that needs a pocket towards the top for you to easily get to your phone? Just apply the SmartPhone Pockets on those as well. The iron-on adhesive sticks to just about any fabric, but denim is one area it has trouble, but you can just sew it in on that if you need it.

SmartPhone Pockets hold other things too

More than just for smartphones too! If you are going on your daily run or walk put in your ID, credit card, key, a little cash, etc. plus your phone. No need to wear those, sorry, ugly fanny packs any longer!

SmartPhonePockets.com - The Smart Home for Your Smartphone

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Photos courtesy of SmartPhonePockets.com

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