What exactly is it about tractors that people love? I’m not exactly sure but I know Hubby loves them and all the little boys I know do too. Heck, girls and women also are tractor fans. There are books, songs, shows, collectors, toys, and tons of other tractor stuff out there.

Casey and Friends Book Series about Tractors

For all of the tractor lovers there is a new series of books, Casey and Friends, (disclosure: I was provided with products to review) which combines real life tractors and cartoons. Perfect for the younger crowd (4-8), but even the adult tractor fans will love reading and sharing these with the kids in their lives.

Big Tractors book


When my son was younger these were the types of books he really loved reading. There are lots of pictures of real tractors but they are combined with the fun cartoon characters, like Casey, who talk about how the tractors are really used, facts about the machines, and even how they actually work. This lets kids really learn about the topic but in a way that engages them without talking down to them. I also love that there is a glossary in the back of the book!

Glossary in Big Tractors book

The Casey and Friends series include….

  • A Year on the Farm (Jan. 2015) introduces children to the world of modern farming by teaching them about the different jobs a farmer does each season. Casey and her team show how tractors, combines and other equipment: plant and harvest crops, work in the farmyard, and care for animals. Learn how farming involves planning for the year, reacting to the weather, and working as a team.
  • Big Tractors (Apr. 2015) shows how the biggest, most powerful tractors handle the demanding jobs of pulling and powering on the farm. Find out how Big Red and Sammy – the biggest tractors on the farm – use their powerful muscles to work in the field with the rest of the team. Learn about the science of farming and discover how advanced technology makes Big Red and Sammy special.
  • Combines (June 2015) explains the step-by-step processes used to harvest crops by the most complex machines on the farm. Follow Cody and Kellie—the combines of Happy Skies Farm—as they do the work of three machines: gathering, separating, and unloading grain and corn.
  • Planters & Cultivators (Sept. 2015) features the specialized farm equipment used to cultivate, plant and spray crops. Learn how Tammi the Tiller, Evan the Early Riser Planter and Peter the Patriot Sprayer work together to make this year’s crop bigger than ever. Explore the science of soil and discover how Casey’s team keeps it healthy

The books are published by Octane Press. Each are 9×9 hardcover with 32 pages, printed in the USA. Retail price is $14.99 each.

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