8 Ways to Get Noticed as an Influencer  |  RobynsOnlineWorld.com

A work related post today for everyone. While I am considered an influencer myself by many brands and approached often, I also work the other side of the fence in seeking out other influencers to represent a brand or work on a campaign. This is actually one of the harder parts of my job as a social media specialist (yep, that’s what I call myself). The last couple of days I have been working on finding some new influencers for some upcoming programs and I am pulling my hair out. So today I am offering a few tips on how to get noticed as an influencer so that people like me, and brands, can find you.

  1. Geography Is Crucial
    While we are living in a much more global world these days, many brands are still looking for influencers in certain areas. On all of your social networks include your hometown, or nearest big city, to help recruiters like me find you when we need a certain city, state, or even country.
  2. Update Your Profiles
    I come across many profiles, on all social networks, that are limited in information or even have bad links. Take the time to check your profile on all your social networks to make sure you have relevant info, including geography, and the links are correct.
  3. Blogging Is Not All There Is
    While I encourage blogging as a “home base”, it is not the be all, end all of getting noticed as an influencer. I am always looking for those with a good following on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Pages, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat, and the like. Your home base (blog) should include easily found links to all of your channels for easy reference.
  4. Be Social
    While I may be looking for people to work with brands, that doesn’t mean I want to see only branded posts/shares on their networks. Remember, this is social media, take the time to interact with your followers on a personal level. Reply to comments, post non-branded content, ask questions, answer questions, etc.
  5. Age Matters
    So as someone who is 45 I actually get annoyed by this, but age matters. There are certain demographics, namely millennials/GenY who are in hot demand right now. Let us know what age range/generation you fall in. I actually look at many generations though so don’t be alarmed if you are not a millennial.
  6. Video Is Hot
    Right now video is super hot for brands. If you are not already doing video, think about doing so. Use YouTube, Instagram, Vine, etc. to showcase yourself “live”.
  7. Make Contacting You Easy
    I cannot tell you the number of times I have found someone that I think might be a good fit for a program but that I cannot find a way to contact them. It is extremely frustrating. Stick an email out there for us to reach you. Also, a direct email address is much better than a form on your blog.
  8. Share the Brands You Already Love
    Are you a fan of a certain brand already? Let people now, let brands know! Shout it out on your social channels. Brands, and people like me, are looking for people who already embrace brands to work on paid campaigns. Don’t hide your love!

There you have it. Eight ways to help brands notice you as an influencer. Remember, it is not all about the numbers, it is about the quality of your content as well.

Do you have any other tips to help others get noticed? Are you an influencer yourself, be sure to leave your info in the comments and I may just be able to connect with you for a future campaign!