Infographic - Weekly Feature Each Saturday on Robyns.WorldToday, June 13, is Sewing Machine Day. I love that sewing has been making a resurgence in the last several years. My mom is actually a phenomenal sewer, I however, did not inherit her gene for that. I can sew a little, but nothing too complicated. I would love to try my hand at using a sewing machine again, but I do not have a machine to practice on. The last sewing machine I had was the biggest pain in the butt to thread out of any machine I had ever seen – I believe they have self-threading machines though now – that would be awesome!

For this week’s infographic I found one about the resurgence of sewing. It is from the UK, but the growth of sewing is growing here in the United States as well.

Are you a sewer? Do you have any advice on learning to sew, buying a sewing machine, or any other related tips?



The Resurgence of Sewing - Infographic

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