Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Foodie Dad  |  RobynsOnlineWorld.com

So last week I shared some Father’s Day tech gifts but not all dad’s are into technology. For this week how about some great Father’s Day gift ideas for all those dads who love to cook. Yep, those Foodie Dads are out there and they love getting new tools to help them create amazing meals for their family. Here are a few of my favorite ideas. Disclosure – I have received samples of some of the items shown, opinions are my own.

Grill Skills book

The Grill Skills book is perfect for Foodie Dads who are already grillers or who want to become a griller. My dad and my hubby are both great cooks on the grill. I am very luck to eat some of the amazing food they prepare. This book will also appeal to the ladies who enjoy grilling. There are recipes for some classic grilling items, but also so many more for unique grilled foods, condiments, and using grilled ingredients in a recipe that may not be prepared totally on the grill. I also love the ideas for setting up for a grilling and outdoor party – really great advice. Tons of amazing photos in this book as well.

Mantry Subscription Service

I love the gift subscription for Mantry for Foodie Dads. Each month a cool wooden crate is delivered to Dad full of artisan food products. Included with the products is a description of the item, where they come from, and ideas and recipes on using them. Take a look at the full review post I did on Mantry a while back for more details.

Hybrid Grill

As I said, I grew up seeing my own dad grill all the time. When I was first married though Hubby didn’t grill at all. It wasn’t until I got him a nice grill that he really got into it and learned. We have had different grills over the years, but our main grill right now is this hybrid grill from Sam’s Club – it has ability to use as gas grill, charcoal grill, and even an infrared burner.

Cookina Sheets

One thing about cooking that many of us dislike is cleaning up when we are done. Cookina makes these great sheets that make cleaning up so much easier. They have several different versions available – get Dad a set of all of them. These are reusable too – so if your Dad likes to be green this is also a great gift idea. Hubby loves the Cookina Grilling Sheet especially for when he has smaller or more delicate foods that would normally fall through the grates on his grill.

Lodge Dutch Oven
If Foodie Dad loves to cook outside then a Lodge Camp Dutch Oven would be a great gift. Hubby uses this all the time and Dutch Oven cooking is a whole other world of cooking. His favorite thing to make is a dump cake – always a hit when he makes them for dessert! Other cast iron pieces like a nice skillet are also great gift ideas.

The Little Smoker Book

Is your Foodie Dad really into smoking? I know Hubby has both grills and smokers that he uses. The Little Smoker Book shares with you how to select the right smoker, types of fuel, what to use to get that smoke flavor, recipes, and even smoker maintenance. Even though Hubby already does a lot of smoking he found this book extremely useful.


My dad and my hubby both own a FoodSaver and they both love it! It will keep your ingredients fresher if you are buying in bulk. The FoodSaver is great for leftovers and making freezer meals. My guys both use it to package their catches from hunting and fishing too. Make sure to pick up the Quick Marinator accessory too – perfect for getting great flavors into foods before you cook them.

Meat and Cheese Sampler

GourmetGiftBaskets.com has tons of offerings for the Foodie Dad this Father’s Day. They sent my Hubby this Gourmet Meat & Cheese Sampler. He loves foods like this! They also have some really great beer gift baskets that dad’s will enjoy.

Did you find a gift for your foodie dad on the list? Which do you think he would like the best?