Keeping Kids Safe - Teaching them what to do in vehicle emergencies

We are a nation of on-the-go people. On average, Americans spend 541 hours per year in a car. That’s a lot of time spent, even if you are a child just riding in the car. There are approximately 5.25 million driving accidents per year – yikes! Now add to that vehicle emergencies that are not actual accidents and that number soars even higher. As adults we have a bit more life experience to know what to do in an emergency, but we need to educate our kids on what to do as well since they are in the car with us so much of the time.

Do your kids know what to do if in an accident on the way to school?

If your child rides a bus to school chances are they have a drill at least once a school year to teach them what to do in an emergency. However, lots of kids do not take the school bus and instead ride in a car to and from school. Are those kids having drills on what to do in an emergency?

Are your kids prepared for a vehicle emergency while on a family road trip?

Now that summer is here many of us will be hitting the roads for family vacations. That means even more time in the car and in unfamiliar locations. Taking the time to prepare your kids on what to do in case of an emergency can save their own lives and even yours.

Have you talked with your kids about how to stay safe in a vehicle emergency?

As parents, we need to have conversations with our kids teaching them what to do in emergencies. Taking the time to talk about what to do, who to call, and what information they need to know is crucial. Even better is taking the kids out to the car and practicing some of these things. The chances of them retaining the information when roll playing dramatically increases.

Keeping Kids Safe - Teaching Kids What To Do In Vehicle Emergencies - FREE EBOOKOnStar, in connection with Safe Kids Worldwide, has created a fabulous free eBook (DISCLOSURE: I am being compensated by She Buys Cars for sharing this information with you, opinions are my own.) for you to and start these conversations with your kids. The book includes a pre-quiz, step-by-step instructions for different emergencies, an emergency information form, and a post-quiz. Download the Keeping Kids Safe eBook for free and use it to teach your kids. You might learn a few things yourself from the eBook even, I know I did! Be sure to go out to the car with the book too and show your kids what they talk about like using OnStar, turning off the car, how to turn on hazard lights, and other important tasks in case of accidents or emergencies.

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Did you download the Keeping Kids Safe eBook? What did you learn about vehicle emergencies? Are you planning on using this as a tool to teach your kids?