Wink Game Box

My family and I tried a new game on Father’s Day, Wink (disclosure: I received a free sample to review). I really enjoyed this game, it was something very different than what we usually play.

Wink game being played

Everyone picks a pawn color and gets a set of cards for their hand. All the cards have numbers on them. Other cards are set out in a grid, face up, on the table which also have numbers on them. Each player picks a card on the table to place their pawn on – they cannot have that number in their own hand of cards. As everyone takes turns you try to wink at a player if you have a match for the card on the table they placed their pawn on. The trick is though that you have to be sneaky about it because if another player catches your wink they can steal the cards, which are worth a point each, from you and the other player.

Players winking during Wink game play

The players for our family were myself, Hubby, Mom, Dad, and my nephew, Justin (20’s). Hubby and I both really enjoyed playing the game. My nephew originally wasn’t really interested in playing because it looked kind of like a kids game to him – but once we played he actually enjoyed it. He also added that he thought this would be a great game for those with autism because you have to read facial expressions – something autistic people have a problem with – and he thought it would be good therapy for them. My dad seemed to have a hard time grasping the game, but I think if he played it more he would get it. Mom struggled a bit too, but she seemed to really have fun playing.

Wink is rated ages 8 to adult and for 4-8 players. Retail price is $15.99 for Wink. The games takes about 30 minutes to play in full. It was a bit confusing to get started, but I think once you play around a few times everyone grasps the idea of it. It is a lot harder than you think to wink at someone secretly around a table full of players though. I think the next time we play it will be even easier because I won’t be explaining how to play so much. Definitely a fun family game night game to play!

Do you think Wink would be fun for you and your family? How often do you have a family game night?