Ugh. I hate anything dental related. I have had bad teeth for a very long time, I mean really bad. For years I would ask for dentures and was told I was too young which made me crazy. Finally though I think it is going to happen this summer.

Yesterday I woke up to a slightly swollen jaw, I knew it was from a tooth that had broken. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Throughout the day on Monday it kept getting bigger and bigger. Overnight it still kept getting bigger and bigger.

This morning it was huge!

before surgery selfie

Hubby called the dentist and they were not open until later today but they called the oral surgeon’s office, Dr. Loveless, and they were able to fit me in. They said come in right away. Thank goodness! Huge thanks to Dr. Loveless and everyone in the office for being so kind to me today and being so caring and understanding! I actually had seen Dr. Ivey in the same office a while back, they removed all my wisdom teeth. If you are in the St. Louis area and need oral surgery go see them!

While I was happy to be able to be seen by the doctor, I was still a big baby about the whole thing. Hubby took off work to go with me and hold my hand. I am so very lucky to have him to take care of me. I cried in the office, I apologized to everyone at the office, and just went on and on.

They took me into the surgery room and started giving me some laughing gas, trust me I needed it, and then a little topical stuff to start numbing, and then, UGH, shots to get it all the way numb. They drained the infection and were able to get out on of the teeth that was part of the problem. I have to go back next week for the other.

While I was a baby during all of this, I have to say I was proud of myself for using my tools from therapy to help me calm down a bit during the whole thing today. It was nice that I was able to pause a take some deep breaths and listen to myself say, “it will be okay.” Yay me!

after surgery in elevator

Here I am after in the elevator taking a selfie – you can see it is all still quiet swollen which is why I have the ice pack on the jaw. Not my most flattering moment, but I share lots of stuff with you all so you get the good and the bad.

See that lovely lady in red to the left of me in the picture? That is my dear friend, Sharon aka @nanna_j, who saw my first selfie on Facebook this morning and then she saw Hubby check-in on Facebook and realized we were right by her house so guess what she did? SHE CAME UP TO THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE! That was so sweet of her. I’m sure she kept Hubby company in the waiting room during my procedure and helped him worry a bit less. Then when I was in recovery here comes Hubby and he says I have a visitor and it was Sharon! I just adore her.

Now one more quick story about today. Hubby, Sharon, and I were all leaving and we get in the elevator and are chatting and taking selfies (we are dorks LOL) and at some point we wonder what is taking so long because there are only 3 floors to this building. DUH, Sharon notices we didn’t press the button for floor 1 when we got in. So she pressed it and we were on our way and started being silly again. Once we get down to the main lobby we all see the elevator doors open but we kept chatting and then the door closed and we started going back up! OMG, we are really dorks! We picked up someone else on 3 and went back down to the lobby and this time finally managed to get off the elevator. It was so funny and it helped me keep my mind off my swollen face and stuff. Thank you Hubby and Sharon!

There is more good news and bad news. The bad news is that Hubby’s work is being bought out as of tomorrow morning and what we are learning today is that our insurance ENDS tonight. UGH. We aren’t sure exactly what is going to happen – but hopefully they get it all sorted out soon. It is not nice of a company to buy someone out and to not have insurance for all the employees who are staying as of the day of the takeover. The lack of dental insurance is going to be a big problem for my good news actually….the good news is that we are going to put together a plan with the doctor to get dentures for me! Dr. Loveless said we should be able to give me a pretty smile by the end of summer! YAY! No more hurting, breaking, and ugly teeth! I just have to figure out a way to pay for it, but I’m going to make it happen!

So, that was my day. Forgive any ramblings, typos, etc. because I’m taking Percocet for pain right now and it’s making me a bit loopy.

How was your day?