Have you ever wished you had not made a change to something else? Did you think the grass was greener on the other side of the fence? How long did it take you to realize you made a mistake and you had switcher’s remorse?

Hubby's story of #SwitchersRemorse

So this weekend I have been thinking about a story to tell you all about my own feeling of switcher’s remorse because I am working on this as part of Verizon’s #SwitchersRemorse campaign. (DISCLOSURE: I am being compensated.) I am sure there must be some things I feel like that about, but I have not been able to think of anything really interesting. Part of this is because I tend to find the silver lining in events in life and just move forward with it.


I did think of a #SwitchersRemorse story about Hubby that has to do with me. Since this is my blog and he is at work I am going to tell the story to you based on how I think it went in his head! This may, or may not, be how it actually went down, but I like to think of it this way.

Way back when, in the late 80’s, Hubby and I started dating. It really was not anything too serious, but he was the only one I was dating at the time. We liked each other – we were friends first and still friends as we dated. Now Hubby had this evil friend, we shall call him Rat. Rat was always trying to fix Hubby up with other girls – he would do this in front of me even and it pissed me off. Rat was not a favorite person of mine. After about six months of Hubby and I dating Hubby foolishly gave me the, “I think we should just be friends” spiel. My ego was a bit bruised, but it was not the end of the world.

We were still friends and saw each other at the same hangouts. Hubby and I always were very flirty with each other, even when we were not dating. He dated other girls, I dated other guys. Both of us had problems with our respective dates occasionally thinking that someone was going on between Hubby and I even though there wasn’t. By the way, Hubby just shared this tidbit with me for the first time a couple of weeks ago!

About a year after we had broken up is when I knew Hubby had switcher’s remorse, although I’m sure (at least in my head) he had been heart broken and devastated since the day he gave me that just friends line. We were not running into each other as often these days, but every single time we did at this point he started telling me how dumb he was to break up with me.

Please take me back! I was a fool! #SwitchersRemorse


“Oh, Robyn! I can’t believe how dumb I was to break up with you!” he cried.

“Yep, uh huh” I replied while rolling my eyes at him.

He looked at me so pitifully, but I didn’t fall for it. Why? Because he was always in a relationship with someone else when he was telling me these things! Yes ladies, if you dated Hubby in this in between time he was telling me the whole time you dated him that he wanted to be with me. Sorry.

“Robyn I miss you so much! Why did I say I only wanted to be friends?” he said over and over each time I saw him. In my head, “because you’re a stupid ass, that’s why!”

Now we are in the fall of 1990 and our mutual friend, John, asked if I wanted to go down to the state park with him and Hubby one day. Sure, why not. Once we were down at the park Hubby started in on me again about how much he missed me and how I was the best girlfriend he ever had, blah, blah, blah. For whatever reason this time I told him that I would go out with him again after he broke up with his current girlfriend.

He did it! Yep, he broke up with her – although she did not want to let go very easily.

We started dating again on October 31, 1990. He told me when he picked me up that night that he was so happy to be with me again and he hoped this time he wouldn’t be so stupid.

Apparently he wasn’t because we have been together ever since!

brad and robyn

No more #SwitchersRemorse for Hubby now!

Do you have a story of #SwitchersRemorse? And don’t worry if your switcher’s remorse is moving from Verizon to another wireless company – Verizon will welcome you back with open arms just like I did (finally) for Hubby!