DIY Minion Gift Wrap Instructions | Robyns.World

My mom has been at it again with her super clever gift wrapping. This time she wrapped Colby’s gifts all to look like Minions! That was his theme for the birthday party too. Not only did Colby love the gift wrap, so did everyone at the party! I asked my mom to share the instructions so you could try your hand at it as well.

Supplies Needed:

  • yellow (Minion colored) plastic tablecloths
  • black duck tape
  • paper to print and/or cut out eyes
  • glue dots


Using the yellow tablecloth, double wrap your package. While normally Mom uses the super cheap plastic tablecloths for this type of thing, she said the better quality, which is a little thicker, is better for this particular project.

Use black duck tape to wrap one stripe around the package for goggle strap.

For the eyes you could do this a couple of ways. Mom used Microsoft Word and the word shapes function to make two concentric circles and used the fill function to color the outer ring and the pupil of the eye. Then cut them out and adhere to package. If you have a circle cutter you could also just cut out your circles from black and white paper and then adhere to package.

Whichever method you use for eyes, use glue dots to adhere them to the package. Regular tape does not hold well with the tablecloth material.

Minion Birthday Cake

My cousin also made this adorable Minion Birthday Cake for the party! We were all so impressed with this. She simply followed the instructions she found online. I included those instructions and several other fun Minion crafts and fun things on my new Minion board on Pinterest.

Do you have someone who is crazy for Minions in your family? Will you try out the gift wrap or maybe even the cake?