Using Photos as Writing Prompts | Robyns.World

During summer break kids, of all ages, can really get creative with their writing. I’ve done a few posts with lists of writing prompts for diaries, journals, and stories, 83 Teen Writing Prompts and 77 More Teen Writing Prompts. Today I want to share another great way to get minds thinking by using photos as writing prompts.

There is no right or wrong way to use photos for writing prompts either. You can give some direction to the writer or nothing but the photograph. Just like with all learning at home you can customize it to fit the needs of each individual.

There are millions of photographs online including many in public domain or free to use for personal use. I found a few interesting photos to get you started.

laughing horse

skydivers    water fight

couple in crazy costumes

lemon in mouth

To get started simply find a photo to either view online or print out. You can also use magazines as a great source for photos, even the advertisements can sometimes be great options.

If the writer needs a little more guidance ask them to consider the following when looking at the photo…

  1. What is the subject thinking about?
  2. How does the subject feel?
  3. What will happen next in the scene?
  4. Describe the site, sounds, smell, taste, or texture/feel of what is in the photo.
  5. Create a name and biography for the character
  6. Create a book title if that photo was the cover photograph

Remember, the key is to be open and creative. Let your imagination flow and just see where it will lead. With my son we preferred to do most of these types of prompts strictly for creative writing but you can also continue with rewrites and editing if you want to practice those things as homeschoolers or over summer break as well. You can use these prompts for verbal journaling and writing as well for those that do not write for whatever reason.

So pick one of the photos above and just think of a sentence or two to write about it in the comments below to get a feel of how this creative writing works. I can’t wait to read what you come up with!