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I hate pimples, well I guess everyone hates them really. At 45 I would have thought I would be done with acne, but no, I still get pimples even at my age. It is not nearly as bad as when I was a teenager though thank goodness. Nevertheless, it is still annoying.

Most of us have tried all sorts of chemicals, lotions, potions, scrubs, and such to help clear up our skin. Most of the time our skin has not liked those things. When I first heard of illuMask (Disclosure: I had heard of this on my own first and then was asked to try one out for this campaign. Opinions are my own.) I was intrigued because it isn’t any of those things – it is blue light therapy for acne. I have to admit that the idea was cool, but I also just loved the way the illuMask looked – I feel a bit like a superhero when I wear it! Silly, yes, but you all know I’m easily amused.

Blue light therapy for acne illuMask


What is illuMask Anti-Acne Light Therapy Mask?illumask glowing

  • It is a lightweight mask that you wear on your face. It attached with the sunglasses inside of it.
  • Inside the mask are LED lights that you turn on for 15 minute session once a day
  • The blue light energy kills the acne causing bacteria, P. Acnes, which is light sensitive.
  • The red light boosts your natural skin turnover and healing process to reduce swelling and redness
  • There is no UV light in the illuMask
  • The mask itself is reusable, just replace the controller after 30 daily treatments.

Does illuMask work?

YES! It really does. I tried taking some selfies of me before and after but it was a bit hard to tell in the pics. In real life I could easily see the difference though. Here are two before and after photos from illuMask themselves though that you can see how it has worked.

illumask before after

illumask before after female

If you have teens that are starting to get acne then this will be great to get now and help them get their skin in better shape before they start back to school this fall. I’m sure we can all remember how devastating a zit could seem when we were in school in our younger days. I would have been much more likely to use illuMask myself as a teen and would have been comfortable giving this acne mask to my son, T, when he was younger as well. You can see there is an eye slot on the illuMask so the kids can easily turn on the treatment and still text and play on their phone during the 15 minute treatment period.

illumask unbox

The kit contains the mask, instructions, power controller, and even some fun stickers if you want to decorate the front of your mask. The power controller is the part that you replace after 30 daily treatments. You can purchase the replacement power controllers online or in-stores.

illumask inside off

This is the inside of the illuMask when not turned on. You can see there are sunglasses attached to the mask and this is how you put it on. The mask if very lightweight and comfortable to wear. The power controller is heavier, but it is attached by a cord to the mask so the weight of that is not on your face. The controller has a counter built into it also so you can see how many treatments you have left. Be sure not to press the button if you are not ready to do a treatment though so you don’t waste any of them. 

You can order the illuMask online for just $29.95 online . You can also find this in stores near you. Be sure to follow @illuMask on Twitter, like them on Facebook, subscribe to the illuMask YouTube channel, and they have some fun pictures on Instagram plus search #illumask on Instagram to see fun pictures and videos other illuMask users are sharing.

Had you heard of illuMask before? Does it sound like something you would try for yourself or buy for a teen in your family to try? What do you like most about the idea of illuMask?