robyn after oral surgery 1

Tuesday afternoon I had my first oral surgery for the first step of extractions for my new smile! They took out seven teeth yesterday. Luckily I had IV anesthesia and so I don’t remember any of the actual oral surgery part! That is the way to go for dental work! Such a huge difference and such a much less stressful experience for me.

Dr. Loveless of St. Louis West Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery was awesome, as usual. Everyone in the office is amazing with another extra special shout out to Chrissy M who is the best surgical assistant and is so sweet.  He is the one that administers the IV as well as does the surgery. I told him I was a bit of a hard stick – I have tiny veins. He looked on an arm, then on my hand, and then went to my other hand and got the IV in on the first try and I do not have a bruise even today on my hand! That never happens! WOW!

Robyn’s New Smile Checklist

  • Dentist consultation about dentures  –  DONE
  • Oral surgeon consultation about extractions  –  DONE
  • Set up GoFundMe to help pay for all this  –  DONE
  • First set of extractions  –  DONE
  • Surgery follow up
  • Being getting molds/impressions at dentist
  • Second set of extractions and immediate placement of dentures
  • Lots of follow up to get just the right fit
  • No more embarrassment when I talk and smile!

It is going to be odd not having any back teeth to chew with for a while, not that the ones I had were very good at it anyway. Luckily I love soup so I have lots of options over the next few weeks and Hubby is becoming the king of smoothies and juices and is mixing me up some healthy ones to help me heal.

Please, if you can, donate to Robyn’s New Smile fund. You can read more about my story and there is a video of me telling it and showing you my teeth even. Even if you cannot donate money I totally understand but would appreciate if you could share my fund on your social channels.

Any questions on my process? I’m very happy to help answer anything I can for everyone.