I am a HUGE fan of so many 3M products. Two of my favorites are Post-It and Command items. Both of these are awesome for back-to-school season to help with both parents and students. I’ve gathered up some of their fantastic ideas to share with you today.

  • The Great Dorm Hookup Sweepstakes
    For any of your kids who are in college, make sure to let them know how the Command Great Dorm Hookup Sweepstakes which runs thru September 30, 2015. The grand prize (1) is a $2500 Visa Gift Card and $100 in Command Products, first prize (3) $500 Visa Gift Card and $100 in Command Products, and weekly prizes (24) of $25 in Command Products.
  • Post-It Criss Cross Equivalents
    This project is written for a classroom, but you could easily implement this at home to help your child with math as well. Games like this are a fun way to help students learn and remember math facts and equations.

    Post-It Criss Cross Equivalents Math

  • Command Back-to-School Routines
    Ideas on using Command products to keep your kids organized in their room. Find places for their backpack, accessories, and so much more without damaging your walls.

    command back to school bedroom

  • Post-It Science Experiments
    When my son was at home we loved doing science experiments. 3M Post-It Notes has three great experiments you and your kids will have fun and learn with!

    Post-It Science Experiments

  • Command Kids Door Organizer
    Another way to use Command products right on the back of your kids doors. Keep all of their school supplies and other day-to-day necessities all in one place.

    command kids door organizer

  • Post-It Study Methods That Really Work
    Here are some great ideas using Post-It products that really can help your kids in their studying. I especially love the use of Post-It Flags!

    Post-It Study Tips

  • Command Entryway Organizer
    Keep the kids backpacks, coats, shoes, and such all in one place by creating this entryway organizer.

    Command Entry Way Organizer

  • Post-It Learning a Foreign Language
    Many of our children start learning a foreign language much earlier in school these days. Regardless of the age, this tip for using Post-It notes will help at any age, even us adults!

    Post-It Foreign Language Study

  • Command Lunch Box Pantry
    Let the older kids pack their own lunches. Hang up the lunchboxes with Command hooks and a Command Caddy to hold snacks that they can pick from to include in their lunch each day.

    command lunch box pantry

  • Post-It Student Timeline Chart
    When my son was in school, putting things in sequential order was a difficult task for him. We used Post-It notes to write the different pieces down and he could then easily arrange them in order. On the same basis, this is a fun project to have kids make a timeline of their own life.

    Post-It Student Timeline

These are just a fraction of the ideas that I found from 3M that I thought you may find helpful for your kids this school year. We always have a full stock of 3M products in our home to help with organizing, decorating, learning, organization, and so much more. Many years ago we would try imitation products but what I found is that they just did not perform on the same level as 3M brand products. For that reason I now only buy 3M branded Post-It’s and Command products, along with many other 3M items, for my family.

Do you use any 3M products at home? Which are your favorite? In what ways do you use them?