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Screwdrivers have always been one of my favorite drinks but for this week’s cocktail I have a little twist on the classic screwdriver. We are adding watermelon ice cubes to it! This gives a sweeter end taste to the drink and as the ice cubes melt while you sip on your cocktail the flavor, and color, will change.

The original part of the drink is just the basic recipe of orange juice and vodka. Make sure your orange juice is a bit sweet though and not too sour because adding the watermelon adds a lot of sweetness and if you put in sour orange juice it just is not as pleasant to drink.

Watermelon ice cubes are very easy to make, but you do need time to make them ahead. Pick a seedless variety of watermelon. That might still have those tiny white seeds but those are not a problem, just no big black watermelon seeds. I bought a black seedless watermelon, fairly small in size, and this yielded 8 cups of watermelon juice.

Cut off the bottom of the watermelon so it will stand for you. Then use a knife to peel off the rind. Cut into slices and then into strips, and then cubes. I put those cubes into my Ninja IQ and let it whirl. Presto – watermelon juice! Pour the juice into ice cube trays and freeze for at least 12 hours. I then transferred the cubes to a freezer bag for easy storage.

Making watermelon ice cubes | Robyns.World

Since I had more watermelon juice than I needed for ice cubes I decided to make a granita too. I added in a bit of fresh lime juice and sugar to the watermelon juice and put in a large dish to freeze – then scrape with a fork to make a watermelon granita. Very refreshing! Kind of like watermelon snow cone!

Watermelon Granita - Add a bit of fresh lime juice and sugar to watermelon juice - freeze - the scrape with fork to break up. Enjoy!

Will you try the Watermelon Screwdriver? Even if you aren’t a drinker you could simply leave out the vodka and still enjoy this drink!



Watermelon Screwdriver


  • 2oz vodka
  • 4oz orange juice
  • 3-4 watermelon ice cubes


Mix vodka and orange juice in large glass. Add 3 to 4 watermelon ice cubes. Enjoy!