Fun Things to Celebrate in September | Robyns.World

You all know I love unique holidays. Since we are just starting September I thought I would share a list of upcoming events that you might want to add to your own calendar to celebrate.

These are great things to plan activities around, big or small. If it is a special food related holiday plan your menu ahead of time. Other events are great to plan some unique family time or even do something fun at work.

  • September 5th – Be Late for Something Day
    Okay, you might not want to plan to be late, but if you are late for something you can just use this holiday as your excuse!
  • September 5th – Cheese Pizza Day
    Plan on making homemade pizza for dinner or go out for pizza for dinner with the family. Be creative with the types of cheeses you use on your pizza today.
  • September 6th – Read a Book Day
    Plan a stop at your local library or bookstore or just pick up a favorite book off your home bookshelf. This is a great holiday to show your kids that reading is fun!
  • September 7th – Labor Day
    The traditional, although unofficial, “end-of-summer” holiday. My family celebrates with a BBQ. Hubby will be smoking a beef brisket this year, yum! Labor Day is actually a celebration of workers and their achievements. The History Channel offers a great history of Labor Day if you want to learn more about this holidays origins.
  • September 8th – Pardon Day
    This is the day to ask for forgiveness in mistakes you have made. It is hard to swallow our pride at times, but this is a great way to mend fences.
  • September 9th – Teddy Bear Day
    Who doesn’t love a teddy bear? A fun way to celebrate would be to make a new teddy bear at someplace like Build-A-Bear.
  • September 10th – Sewing Machine Day
    I really want to be a sewer, but I’m not. Maybe I should celebrate this holiday by purchasing a sewing machine and signing up for a class.
  • September 12th – National Video Games Day
    Spend some time playing your favorite video game at home or find an arcade near you. There are some great classic arcades now and you could show your kids the types of video games you grew up on.
  • September 13th – Fortune Cookie Day
    Did you know you can make your own fortune cookies at home? Here is a simple fortune cookie recipe. Even more fun is making the fortunes to go inside of them.
  • September 13th – Grandparent’s Day
    I sadly have lost all four of my grandparents and I miss them all dearly still. Please take the time today to let your grandparents know how much they mean to you.
  • September 15th – Make a Hat Day
    This is a fun day! Who doesn’t love some arts and crafts time? Check out Instructables page full of hats you can make.
  • September 16th – Collect Rocks Day
    Take a walk outside and gather up any cool looking rocks you find. Kids will especially love doing this. You can create a display of them as they are or think about doing something fun with them like painting them. There is an endless number of rock painting ideas on Pinterest.
  • September 16th – National Play-Doh Day
    Even if you do not have kids, pick up some Play-Doh and relive those fun childhood memories of creating anything with Play-Doh
  • September 16th – National Guacamole Day
    Break out the chips and margaritas along with your favorite guacamole to celebrate today. Homemade guacamole is super easy to make and tastes fabulous!
  • September 18th – National Cheeseburger Day
    Indulge in a glutinous cheeseburger or go with a healthier version, whatever your pleasure! Don’t forget to share your cheeseburger pic on Instagram!
  • September 19th – International Talk Like a Pirate Day
    There is an entire site dedicated to Talk Like a Pirate Day which will help you learn how to do it plus lots of other fun pirate information and links. You can also change the language on Facebook to Pirate – just go to the main page and scroll down past the ads and such in the right column and in small text you will, most likely, see “English (US)” – click on that and a box will pop up with other language choices. Select “English (Pirate)” from the list and then the “Translate Facebook” button!
  • September 20th – National Rum Punch Day
    Have a little rum left over from Talk Like a Pirate Day? Use it to mix up a refreshing batch of rum punch.
  • September 21st – Miniature Golf Day
    Put on your plaid pants and head out to the mini links and go for a hole-in-one!
  • September 22nd – Elephant Appreciation Day
    Who doesn’t love elephants? Check out National Geographic for tons of elephant stories, information, photos and videos.
  • September 23rd – First Day of Autumn
    Break out the sweaters, build a fire, and start collecting those beautiful fall leaves
  • September 25th – National Comic Book Day
    A nod to Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard who are probably visiting the comic book store today. Did you know people who collect comic books are called pannapictagraphists?
  • September 26th – Johnny Appleseed Day
    This was always a favorite holiday for my son since we did so many related Johnny Appleseed activities. If nothing else, eat an apple today!
  • September 27th – National Crush a Can Day
    An easy way to remember we should all be recycling. Get everyone involved and try to find fun and unique ways to crush a can today.
  • September 28th  Ask a Stupid Question Day
    I am a firm believer in “there are no stupid questions” but I was raised to not be afraid to ask questions. For many there is still a fear around asking a question that they will be looked on as stupid. This day is for you – ask away! If you, or anyone else, thinks it is a stupid question just tell them you are celebrating the holiday!
  • September 29th – National Coffee Day
    While I am not a coffee drinker, I still love the smell of coffee (go figure). Luckily we are a Keurig family so Hubby makes his coffee and I make my tea. Many places offer free coffee on this day so check your favorite coffee shop for deals.
  • September 30th – National Mud Pack Day
    Treat yourself to some relaxation today by having a mud pack. The natural minerals in different types of mud can really be good for your skin and the packs also help remove impurities. You can buy premade packs at the store, go to a spa, or make your own.

So there you have it, plenty of fun things to do in September. Which of these holidays do you think you might celebrate? Do you have any other September holidays that you celebrate?