Feast Magazine

Foodie has many meanings, but for me, the true definition is one that enjoys eating and learning about all kinds of foods. There are some snobby foodies, but the bulk of true foodies I believe can appreciate all types of foods. Feast feeds that appreciation with coverage throughout Missouri – both ingredients, restaurants, festivals, and events of all kinds.

You can pick up free print copies around the St. Louis, Kansas City, and mid-Missouri areas. They also offer a digital version on their site and now you can also get a subscription mailed to you if you like.

On top of the great magazine they also do a television show, Feast TV. You can watch it on channel 9 in St. Louis, channel 19 in Kansas City, channel 6 in mid-Missouri, and channel 8 in southern Illinois. Here is a sneak preview of the September edition of Feast TV to whet your appetite.


Along with the magazine and TV show you can also finds tons of great information on FeastMagazine.com. For anyone of you in or near Missouri or for those who are planning on visiting I highly suggest checking out all of these resources. Warning, it will make you hungry!

Have you ever read Feast? What are your thoughts?



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