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Hubby has been planning on making a Man Cave out of our son’s old bedroom since he moved out. He wants a place that is all his own for his stuff, especially the stuff I don’t really care to look at. Right now he takes a chair in the empty room, along with his dog, his guitar, his laptop and a Bluetooth speaker and just enjoys the time to himself playing his guitar along with all of his old country music. The time is coming to give the room its purpose though. Best Buy has some great inspiration for any of you planning a cool Man Cave with some awesome tech ideas!

While Hubby was not very tech and geeky a few years ago, he has really come around and now enjoys using technology to enhance his world. One thing I know he would love in his new Man Cave would be a Kegerator with a custom 3D-printed tap. I have to admit I would love to have a 3D printer myself too. You can see below how they printed this custom tap that looks like an old-school boombox! Hubby’s design would most likely be something more outdoorsy.

Man Cave - 3D Printer

Here is the finished product! Just attach it to your Kegerator for a one-of-a-kind tapper! His friends will be envious, and thirsty for an ice-cold beer too.

Man Cave Custom Beer Keg Tapper

Plans for Hubby’s Man Cave include:

  • New flooring and wall covering
    Teenage boys are tough on their rooms so this is a must-do to prepare the Man Cave. He is thinking about using this Mossy Oak paneling on one wall as an accent.

    Camo wall covering for the Man Cave

  • Pink Camo Dog Bed
    Hubby loves our dog, Annie, and I am sure he will want a bed in there for her. My guess is he would pick out something like this pink camo dog bed.
    Pink Camo Dog Bed for the Man Cave
  • Samsung Smart TV
    We love Samsung TV’s and Best Buy carries a huge selection of them. He will need a Samsung Smart TV in the Man Cave so he can watch his hunting shows, stream old country music videos, and watch dog shows with Annie.
    Samsung Smart TV for the Man Cave
  • Sleeper Sofa
    Hubby is known to snore, and that is actually an understatement, so a sofa sleeper in his Man Cave will be awesome for those nights I just cannot stand the snoring. I can send him to his Man Cave and he can make his sofa into a bed and be a happy camper. He would probably love a sofa that has an all over camo pattern, but I think this one with just camo pillow accents would look much nicer.
    Sofa for the Man Cave

Along with these new touches Hubby would also have a desk for his laptop and I am sure plenty of mounted deer heads to decorate the walls. He will also have a places to hang on the wall all of his guitars, bows, and fishing poles.

Do you or your Hubby have a Man Cave? What kinds of things do you have in it or would you like in it?