The Fiery Scotsman Cocktail by Robyn's Online World - a delicious combination of Fireball and Johnny Walker

This week I’ve got a combination that some may say is blasphemy, but since when do I care if others think that? For the weekly cocktail I present The Fiery Scotsman!

This one is super simple also – I know you all like the easier cocktail recipes. You just need one of my favorites, Fireball Cinnamon Whisky and one of of Hubby’s favorites, Johnny Walker Red Label Scotch.

You can look at this drink as smoothing out the Fireball a bit or as perking up the Johnny Walker – whichever you prefer. I made this with equal parts, but if you want to go the smoother route add a bit more Johnny Walker, if you want it a bit more fiery add a bit more Fireball.

Is this something you will try?



The Fiery Scotsman


  • 1oz Johnny Walker Red Label Scotch
  • 1oz Fireball Cinnamon Whisky


Add Johnny Walker and Fireball to rocks glass, add ice. Enjoy!