blab icon riaonI’m still loving Blab.IM so much. If you have not yet checked it out, you should. A few tips to help you get started watching and using Blab to get you started today and then below you can watch some of my latest Blab shows if you missed them. Oh, and don’t forget to follow me on Blab too!

Get Started on Blab

  • is the URL
    Just head over to in your browser or you can also get the app if you use an iOS device. I love being able to use Blab on my desktop computer. Chrome is the most compatible browser that I have found to use on my Windows based devices.
  • Sign Up or not
    It is easy to sign up using your existing Twitter account. If you just want to watch and not be able to get on screen or leave comments during a Blab though you do not have to create an account at all.
  • Watch Live Blab Video
    On the main page you will see a listing of the current live Blab’s. You can click on any of the keywords on the left to scale down the listings a bit to find topics you like. Blab is new though so there is not always a ton (yet) of Blab’s happening all the time. When you spot one you are interested in just click on it and it will bring up that Blab. You will see people live on air in the center and on the right you can, if you are logged in, leave comments and ask questions.
  • Watch Replays of Blabs
    Most people record their Blabs and you can watch the replay of the show. You will find these on the “Replays” tab at the top of the screen. Just click on any of them to watch – there will be no live video or commenting happening but there is some great content.
  • Find Scheduled Blabs
    Also on the top of the page there is a tab called “Scheduled”. This is a listing of Blabs that are coming up at a future time and date. You can “subscribe” to any of those and get a notification to remind you when it goes live.
  • Participate on a Blab
    If you are watching an On Air (live) Blab and there is a seat open you will see a square in the center of the screen that says “JOIN”. Click on that and the Blab leader will add you and then you will be on screen live and be able to talk as well.

This will get you started on Blab.IM to get a feel for what it is. There is more to it, but I just wanted to give you all some general tips for now.

Watch My Recent Blabs

Here are a few of my most recent Blabs that I have done. I’m working on a variety of topics, just like I do here on my blog, so there is a little something for everyone hopefully. If you have a topic you would like me to do a Blab on just let me know!

Tommy & Robyn’s Everyday Tech Blab
This episode Tommy and I discuss the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone we both just started using.


Social Media in Your Field
This series will focus on how people in various fields can use social media. It is not about people who work in social media as their industry, but those who are using it in their own industry. This first Blab in the series was with Karen Goodman who is a real estate agent and how she uses social media to increase her business.


Tommy & Robyn’s Everyday Tech Blab
My friend, Tommy Clifford, and I are doing a 30 minute Blab each Monday night talking about tech, but in an everyday way. Not too geeky, but how you can use devices, products and services in your own life. This episode is about various services and tools that people can benefit from.


This was my first attempt at a food related Blab. I did this during the day and I think it may not be the best time of day because I didn’t get anyone jumping on to join in the conversation for this one, but I’m going to keep trying because I love talking about food! If you want to join me as a guest on a food Blab just let me know!

Mental Health Blab
This is another that I did not have anyone jump on screen with me, but it is an important topic and I will be doing more of these. Again, if you want to join me as a guest on a mental health Blab just let me know.

I’m happy to answer any questions about Blab that you might have – I know it is very new but don’t be afraid to try it out!

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