While most have bought the kids new clothes for school this fall, one thing people often forget are the new underwear and t-shirts. The brand I buy for Hubby and T is Fruit of the Loom. They recently sent some free samples of boxers and t-shirts for T and that made him very happy! It made me happy too because you know us moms always say to wear clean underwear in case your in an accident!

Fruit of the Loom Right now you can find special packs of Fruit of the Loom items at really good prices. Stock up while you can save a little money at the same time. I’m not sure what kids and teen do, other than growing quickly, but they seem to go thru t-shirts and underwear fast!

Don’t forget about t-shirts of gym class too. Most of the kids need a certain color and Fruit of the Loom has tons of them. The boys are pretty stinky in the tween and teen years and they often forget to bring the gym clothes home to be washed – yikes! I suggest buying several t-shirts so you have enough for the entire school year.

fruit of the loom shirts

Spirit days and other special days are big in schools now too so get both short sleeve and long sleeve tees in various color so you are ready when your kids tell you the morning of a special day that they need say an orange t-shirt!

fruit of the loom underwear

They have lots of choices of underwear too. Boxers, briefs, and boxer briefs for the boys in white and colors and patterns. For the girls they have briefs, hipsters, and even boy short panties now and again in lots of colors and patterns.

Target and Walmart are both carrying this special value packs. Both in adult sizes (for the teens) and kid sizes.

I also found these two great images on how to either fold your tees or roll them – take your choice! Teach the kids how to do this too so they can help with putting away their own laundry.

How to fold a t-shirt perfectly

How to roll a t-shirt perfectly    
Have you stocked up on t-shirt and underwear basics yet this fall? Are your kids as picky about them as my son always was?