5 o'Clock Friday Recipe: Jack Honey Limeade Cocktail | Robyn's World

Happy Friday everyone! I’m got another simple cocktail recipe for you this week. I’m featuring Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey again, not just because they sent me free samples, but because it is delicious and you can do so much with it! Remember last week I even cooked with it making Tennessee Honey BBQ Chicken Sliders in the slow cooker! YUM!

Let me know if you plan on trying this week’s Jack Honey Limeade Cocktail!



Jack Honey Limeade Cocktail


  • 1oz Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey
  • 2oz lime juice
  • spalsh of water
  • lime wedge for garnish


Mix Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey and lime juice in glass. Add splash of water. Add ice (if desired) and garnish with lime wedge.