The Pimento Cheese Incident

Traveling to the south you are going to see a lot of pimento cheese on menus. Don’t worry, it’s a good thing. For those unfamiliar with this delicious spread, it is a combination of cheese, mayo, pimentos, salt and pepper. There are of course many variations on this recipe. The tangy spreadable goodness with a bit of a spicy kick from the pimento is amazing on just about everything!

South City Kitchen (Atlanta) version of Pimento Cheese

South City Kitchen in Atlanta makes an amazing Pimento Cheese that has a bit more of a kick than many of the others I have tried. I’m all about the spicy food these days so I really enjoyed the extra oomph. I was able to try this while at the #SITSum conference recently.

Pimento Cheese - put it on everything

Take a schmear of pimento cheese no matter what else you are eating. Like I said, it goes with everything! On the plate above I tried that pimento cheese on the already super cheesy and creamy mac ‘n’ cheese, on the crispy fried chicken, I dipped the garlicky green beans into the pimento cheese, and of course I spread a little on that cornbread biscuit!

True Food Kitchen's VEGAN Pimento Cheese and Roasted Veggie Tray

There is a great restaurant called True Food Kitchen that serves all sorts of healthy, good-for-you types of food that are amazingly tasty all at the same time. Even people who turn up their nose and roll their eyes when they hear “healthy food” love there food at True Food. The other night we went for dinner there and we ordered some roasted veggie appetizer trays. On the tray, their version of a pimento cheese, Pimento Cashew Cheese Spread. Amazingly this is a vegan version – no actual dairy cheese at all. It was just as delicious as traditional pimento cheeses.

You can never have too much Pimento Cheese


Everyone in our group loved this stuff! So much so that the manager brought us several more little bowls of it. We were putting that stuff on everything on the table. I promptly took a dollop of it on my knife and plopped it on my turkey lasagna – clouds part, angels sing, OMG amazing taste moment! Those at dinner with me put it on their pizzas, chicken, and everything.

During all of these spreading of the pimento cheese love fest it did get a tad messy at the table. Hence, The Pimento Cheese Incident. I wiped as much of it off of my smartphone as I ate I think. It was just so funny because as often as I wiped it up it just as quickly returned.

Nicole decided that  The Pimento Cheese Incident would be a fabulous name for a band! I know it would get my attention. We also brainstormed on other ways we could use pimento cheese.

  • Thin it out a bit to make a vinaigrette or salad dressing for any salad!
  • Make a savory waffle or a crepe and spread with the pimento cheese and then stick in some crispy strips of bacon and roll it up!
  • Use the pimento cheese as the sauce on a pizza and add some roasted or pickled veggies, mushrooms, and maybe some prosciutto.

Oh my, I’m getting hungry as I am writing this post! I have actually never made pimento cheese myself, but I will be very soon and trying some variations on it. I will share the recipes that I try that turn out well. To get me started, and you, I found a few recipes online for pimento cheese.

So are you a pimento cheese fan? Do you have your own recipe to share with us? What do you put pimento cheese on?